This Polylith tool is built on top of tools.deps. To get the most out of it, we recommend you to read its documentation.
When we created the workspace with the create workspace command, the poly alias was also added to ./deps.edn:
:poly {:main-opts ["-m" "polylith.clj.core.poly-cli.core"]
:extra-deps {polyfy/polylith
{:git/url "https://github.com/polyfy/polylith.git"
:sha "ecd2cf2ede81ecd4fbf82f21a075b103b6f2d2af"
:deps/root "projects/poly"}}}
This alias can now be used to execute the poly tool from the workspace root, e.g.:
cd ../..
clojure -M:poly info
It takes longer to execute the poly command this way, because it needs to compile the Clojure code first, but it also allows us to execute older or newer versions of the tool by selecting another sha from an existing commit. To speed things up we can always start a shell.