Last updated 4 months ago

'Workspace' is the root folder in a Polylith project. It's where we work with our building blocks and assemble our systems.

Our example workspace is from the Polylith RealWorld example app.

Let's extend the building block metaphor into a desk metaphor. We can think of a workspace as a desk: a place to work with our building blocks. It has "drawers" to keep the blocks, "shelves" to assemble our systems, and a "work surface" of environments for development.

A workspace is like a desk with drawers, shelves and a work surface
The "drawers" are the folders where we keep the bases, components and interfaces
The "work surface" is the folder where we keep our development environment(s)
The "shelves" are the folder where we configure and store our systems

Let's take a look inside the first "drawer", where we keep all the bases.