The Polylith Tool optimizes the creation, development and testing of Polylith workspaces.

What is the Polylith Tool?

The Polylith Tool gets us to development nirvana.

It helps us:

  • create the structure of our workspace, bases, components, projects and development project.

  • test our codebase incrementally.

  • vizualize the workspace so we can understand and communicate about our codebase and architecture.

We didn't have the Polylith Tool when we started building our first Polylith workspace. We manually created the directory structure and built the projects every time we made a change. Polylith's other advantages still made it a delight to work with, compared to our previous situation (Microservices).

So don't be afraid to start trying Polylith, even if your language doesn't have its own Polylith Tool yet.

Head over to the poly tool to learn more about how it works and how to use it.


Now it's time to start wrapping up our journey, so let's discuss what we think makes Polylith so good to work with.

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