Where to go next?
If you'd like to learn more about Polylith, then here are some great next steps.

Polylith videos

If you prefer watching videos to reading documentation, then take a look at our videos.


If you want to listen to two interviews with the Polylith team, please check out the episodes S4 E21 and S4 E22 of the ClojureScript podcast.


There are a couple of blog posts that could be interesting to read. One is about how it all began, and another one is about the origin of complexity which describes the foundational ideas behind the Polylith architecture.

RealWorld example app

If you'd like to look at a real Polylith service, then head over to the RealWorld example app. You can clone the project and play around with it, or just browse the code and read about its design.

Polylith Tool

If you want to try Polylith on one of your own projects, then install the Polylith Tool. The Tool's documentation walks you through all the steps you'll need to get a new Polylith workspace up-and-running.


If you want to discuss Polylith, then come and chat with us in the Polylith Slack channel.